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CONNECT MARKETING™ brand services include business marketing services, as well as market research and marketing consulting services and, when needed, public and media relations services, sales promotion services, and marketing consultation services in any field you need, such as computer hardware and software. We provide CONNECT MARKETING™ brand marketing consultation and communications services in the field of computer networks, delivery of messages by electronic transmission, and other marketing services such as designing online marketing programs for social networking websites and business networking websites. We provide whatever array of marketing, market research, communication and consulting services you require. CONNECT MARKETING™ brand computer services include designing web page layouts.


How We Can Help

Thomas Edison famously said, "Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration." Perhaps, but take the inspiration away and all you have is a sweaty mess.

Effective marketing requires effective strategy. By utilizing Connectsm's services we can help by providing:


As a team, our senior partners have amassed more than 100 years high-tech marketing experience working with more than 450 clients.


We have deep experience with all phases of market research, including surveys, telephone intercepts and focus groups. We are experts at crafting and interpreting all forms of research.


We have helped hundreds of firms create effective company and product messaging. Our process is quick, efficient and highly effective.


Inbound marketing can fundamentally change how you market and sell, but it can be complex and confusing to set-up and operate. Connect can help define your customer personas, their journeys to revenue and with complex workflows to nurture them on their journey from awareness to sales.

We provide CONNECT MARKETING brand products and services.



In 2013, Riverbed was the leader in WAN optimization. However, there was a widely-held perception that it was the company's entire focus. Connect was asked to develop a new strategy and messaging to change the perception of Riverbed to that of a company focused on the data center. Campaigns could not include top-level executives who were gun shy with the media.
Connect established powerful messaging, positioning the company as a hybrid enterprise platform, thought leadership, and social media strategies to build a broader brand story with the media, online influencers and ultimately Riverbed's customers. We developed a number of strategies and tactics to accomplish this goal.
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