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Do traditional media even matter anymore? According to our recent Media Affinity Studyabsolutely. Traditional media such as technology press, business press and vertical press are one of the five key ways IT buyers learn about new technology and research products.

Connect Public Relations® has been working to get our clients stories told by traditional media since 1989. Today we secure more than 25,000 articles each year in the form of news stories, product reviews, contributed articles, thought leadership stories and so on.

Whether it is working with editors, coordinating analysts or even placing your spokespeople at speaking events, Connect Public Relations® can help.

Media Relations

Do traditional media — magazines, newspapers, broadcast and so on — still matter? After all, social media has become very important very quickly. However, according to our Media Affinity Study, traditional media are still in the top five in terms of how buyers learn about new products and services. It makes sense because traditional media have a very broad reach and provide a level of credibility and reliability that social media cannot yet match.

Outreach to traditional media builds brand awareness, establishes thought leadership and communicates news about products and services. Taken as a whole, these efforts provide a high level of visibility for your company.

Connect Public Relations® can help. We have deep experience and relationships with the media contacts that matter. We know what they want, and need, and use that to secure more than 25,000 placements for our clients, from news stories to in-depth reviews and profiles.

For example, Connectsm has helped Symantec establish its Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) as the industry’s premier report on the Internet threat landscape. In the 2013 report, with Connect’s help, outreach around the ISTR resulted in thousands of articles in outlets such as Associated Press, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Economic Times, and CIO.

Analyst Relations

Analysts are an important audience for any high tech marketer. First, they directly influence markets through reports and consulting. Second, traditional media depend on analysts for both background validation as well as quotes for articles. It is therefore important to formally influence analysts as part of your public relations efforts.

At Connectsm we help clients manage this process with a formal analyst relations methodology:

  1. Identify key analysts. We work with hundreds of analysts in many market segments. The first step is to create a list of both the formal and traditional analysts that follow your market segment as well as informal consultants and blogger/analysts.
  2. Build rapport. We put you in front of these analysts in both formal as well as informal settings so that you can build rapport with them. By rapport we don’t simply mean they like you (although that is important), but rather that they view you as a visionary in either a technology or a business sense (or both). If they see this vision they are more likely to believe in your company.
  3. Educate. We help you educate the analysts on your company, your solutions and your overall vision. Our goal is to get the analysts to believe in your approach. Step one is that they understand it.
  4. Nurture. Once these steps are complete we nurture the relationship over time by keeping them abreast of news, sharing market traction with them, and putting you in contact with them from time to time to build on the relationship.

Speaker Placement

As a leading high-tech media relations agency, Connectsm knows the value of visibility. Through Connectsm’s speaker placement program, your company can make itself heard through representation at the most important events in your industry. Speaking engagements are one of the best ways to bring your company into the spotlight, establish thought leadership and make professional connections that will prove valuable to your business.

Connectsm monitors more than 500 national conferences and industry events each year. In the past 12 months, we have placed more than 100 speakers for our clients at trade events. Our program includes the following services:

  • Customized event target list based on the importance of the event in your industry, including attendees, potential media coverage, competitors attending or speaking and audience type
  • Tracking of submission deadlines and requirements
  • Full integration with media relations to provide speaker topic recommendations based on upcoming product releases, new thought leadership, executive platforms, etc.
  • Writing speaker abstracts and bios, learning objectives, outlines, etc.
  • Management of speaker submissions
  • Tracking and follow up on submissions to help secure speaker placement
  • Speaker handbook, which includes speaker deadlines, requirements and event information

Connectsm can find the right event for you to share your vision with the most prominent influencers in your field.

In 2010 Symantec became aware of a serious emerging threat called Stuxnet. The Symantec team realized that they could help solve the problem while simultaneously improving their share of voice in the security industry. They worked with Connectsm to create and implement a comprehensive public relations campaign.

The goals of the campaign were to establish Symantec’s leadership on the issue, and to help prevent the propagation of misinformation. To accomplish this, Connectsm used a variety of media, both traditional and social.

The campaign included 20 Stuxnet-related posts written for the Symantec Response blog, which is followed by a large number of IT administrators, business owners, reporters and Internet security experts. It also included a series of tweets regarding progress on the research, as well as a presentation at the Virus Bulletin 2010 conference. The presentation was a unique opportunity that involved a demonstration of Stuxnet’s ability to affect industrial machinery, and a dossier of research results distributed to professionals of various industries in order to foster collaborative security efforts.

The results of the campaign exceeded expectations. To date, Symantec spokespeople have fielded more than 60 related media interviews. Symantec has been included in more than 780 print/online stories, 28 broadcast/radio segments, more than 400 blog posts and more than 2,000 tweets all on the topic of Stuxnet. Overall, Symantec received more than a 50 percent of voice regarding Stuxnet, while no single competitor registered even 10 percent. The campaign was instrumental in cementing Symantec’s reputation as a leader in cyber security.