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Impactful stories that move your prospects.

Content & Creative Services for B2B Tech

Effective content is the cornerstone of B2B lead-gen.

B2B tech content needs to be technically accurate. But it also needs to be compelling. It must deliver information your prospects need and want in a relatable and interesting way.

We can help. Connect Marketing helps you create impactful stories that move your prospects.

What’s it like to work with Connect’s creative team?

Connect is an experienced technology marketing agency. We understand the technology, speak the language and we know what it takes to elevate your digital marketing programs.

Our creative solutions are driven by strategy, vision and execution. We listen closely to your priorities and then tell your company's stories through powerful, meaningful collateral to reach your goals.

We’ll help you:

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Create Credibility

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Attract Qualified Leads

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Stand Out From Your Competition

Creative Capabilities

Let’s help your audience see their challenge — and your technology — like they’ve never seen it before.

Connect Marketing brings together visual design, digital marketing, web strategy, video production, photography and project management to provide first-class creative across every channel. Our comprehensive solutions for your creative needs work across all mediums to get your message across, loud and clear.

Editorial Content

In B2B, clarity, voice, simplicity and consistency are critical. The fundamental task of all B2B writing is to share complex information in the simplest terms. In technical literature, infographics and thought-leadership content, our experienced writing team will craft language that eases the cognitive burden as much as possible.

Branding & Strategic Messaging

Our branding projects drive business results: increased brand awareness, improved customer sentiment, increased profit margins and sales. Our B2B branding services provide your team with the expertise and support they need to tell your brand story successfully across every relevant channel.

Website Design & Development

Your website is where your brand, your strategy and your lead-generation all comes together. Our skilled team of strategists, creatives and developers all collaborate with your team toward the same objective: a compelling, trackable experience that connects with each user in precisely the way they need. And if your website experience works the right way for your buyers, it’s going to work the right way for your sales.

Social Media

There are many ways for B2B tech companies to use social media as part of your strategic initiatives. Reputation management, customer service, public relations and customer acquisitions are all potential benefits of social media. The key is to think about the type of content that your audience will like, rather than being self-serving.


Video is perfect for tech firms! It can quickly explain complex technology in simple, compelling ways. It can humanize your brand. It is easy to consume, making it perfect for busy prospects. However, creating a captivating and effective video is difficult. Connect Marketing can help. We’ve created hundreds of videos over the past two decades for our clients.

Sales Enablement Content

In B2B technology, the decision-making process is often long and informed by a lot of research. Sales enablement collateral is specifically designed to help sales teams close deals while staying true to the brand. This type of content can include infographics, sales decks, surveys, case studies, persona documents and sales scripts.

Working with Connect is an absolute joy. They take everything from your brain, and you get to see the results. It's been a total game-changer for us. If you've spoken with Connect and you're thinking about moving forward, it's a no-brainer. Do it. Absolutely definitely work with Connect. Don't think twice. Just do it.

Dan BerlindCEO of Snappt

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