Public & Analyst Relations

Thought leadership that drives leads.

Why Public Relations and Analyst Relations Matter

The fastest and easiest way to build awareness is to get the media to write an article about your company or product.

Media articles are credible, as they come from a trusted third party. They also have reach, reaching hundreds of thousands of B2B buyers immediately, and then showing up on millions of searches thereafter.

Analysts (Gartner, Forrester, IDC, etc.) influence your most important audiences: Media and prospects. They confer credibility to your firm and amplify your messaging in ways that are otherwise impossible to achieve.

That’s why savvy B2B CMOs use Public Relations and Analyst Relations programs to drive awareness, build thought leadership and, ultimately, drive leads.

Why Choose Connect?

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Our partners average 25+ years managing analyst relations programs for industry leaders such as Symantec, ServiceNow, Nokia and Riverbed. We’ve known the key media and analysts for decades.

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We’ve grown-up with all the senior media and analysts that cover technology. They respect and trust us. When we call, they are willing to hear us out.

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We Know Your Space

We’ve focused on B2B technology for 31 years. We have strong experience with Enterprise Software, Infrastructure, Security, Storage, Cloud, SaaS, Telco and Network Monitoring.

Storytelling + Relationships = Results

Engaging Stories

Effective Public Relations and Analyst Relations is built upon stories that engage and illuminate readers. Stories that are news-worthy. And, stories that offer a clear differentiated message.

Strong Relationships

Core to achieving quality coverage is building positive, consistent relationships with influential reporters and analysts. They need to see that you understand what they need, and won’t waste their time and when you call, it is worth their time. With that foundation of trust and respect, the media and analysts are happy to amplify your message.

Actionable Results

Strategic media placements boost general awareness for your company, product or service. Better yet, they also generate leads. Top analysts can also be advocates and can amplify your company messages and create positive content. Coverage that presents your core value proposition, demonstrates customer successes and explains differentiators can drive traffic back to your site and generate leads for your sales team to nurture.

Working with Connect Marketing is a great pleasure of mine. I'm very particular about digital approaches to media because we want to be known as a company that does things the right way, that brings valuable information. I think that's the added value from Connect Marketing is seasoned, experienced, and highly competent people. We truly feel like we can trust them with anything.

Jeff ChandlerDirector of Corporate Communications at DigiCert

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The value we get from partnering with Connect, versus doing all of our PR internally, is it that allows us to leverage their connections, their experience, and their industry knowledge. They keep us moving and keep us on task and handle so much of the busy project management work related to PR so that I can spend my time and effort focusing on being strategic.

Stacy BlaissSenior Director, Corporate Marketing of BeyondTrust

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Our PR and AR Services

We create PR strategies based on demand generation goals, thought leadership objectives and company and product messaging. We work to tell the most effective stories to the most influential media.

Outreach is a mix of proactive and reactive activities. Reactive means finding and reacting to every opportunity to get your story in front of the media that matter. This includes monitoring editorial calendar opportunities, managing the press at industry events, and responding to media inquiries. This is the easy part of PR, but it takes thorough attention to detail.

Proactive is more difficult, and takes more thought, but results in game-changing coverage. This includes launch strategy, brand-awareness and thought-leadership campaigns, customer stories and crisis communications.

Effective PR requires effective content. Connect can help write media pitches, bylines, case studies, press releases, and blog posts. We can also create speaker abstracts and award applications.

Effective measurement of PR efforts goes well beyond simply counting press clippings. Connect can tailor a detailed measurement plan which includes competitive press monitoring, perception audits, messaging tracking, sentiment and more.

We work with our clients as partners in creating an analyst strategy that not only includes targeting the most influential analysts for their business but helping them determine how their business might benefit from analyst feedback, reports, research, etc. We ensure that our clients get ROI from their engagements.

Why Public Relations and Analyst Relations Matter

How can you measure the performance of your PR and AR efforts? Every client is different, but here are some of the things Connect Marketing® can track to help you measure success.


Why Public Relations and Analyst Relations Matter

How can you measure the performance of your PR and AR efforts? Every client is different, but here are some of the things Connect Marketing® can track to help you measure success.

Message Pick-Up

Did the message you wanted to get out to the market appear in media coverage? Are you included in analyst research and reports?

Site Traffic

How much of your site traffic came from media coverage?

Share of Voice

Of everything that was written about your market segment, what percentage included your company?

Level of Influence

Did this media coverage appear in a Tier 1 publication that focuses on your potential buyer/persona and have an impressive readership number?

Echo of an Article

Were there comments made directly in the appropriate section next to the article? Was the article shared socially?

Lead Generation

Are we spending the most time with analysts that spend the most time with prospects?


Are they willing to recommend? Are thay an advocate? Or skeptical? (via perception audits)