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CONNECT PUBLIC RELATIONS® and CONNECTPR® brand services include marketing and market research and consulting services; public and media relations services and sales promotion services; delivery of messages by electronic transmission. We have continued to provide these reliable services for over 30 years.


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Do traditional media even matter anymore? According to our Media Affinity Study - absolutely. Traditional media such as technology press, business press and vertical press are one of the five keys ways IT buyers learn about new technology and research products.

Connect has been working to get our clients stories told by traditional media since 1989. Today we secure more than 25,000 articles each year in the form of news stories, product reviews, contributed articles, thought leadership stories and so on.

Whether it is working with editors, coordinating analysts or even placing your spokespeople at speaking events, Connect can help.

We provide CONNECTPR® brand products and services.

We also provide CONNECT PUBLIC RELATIONS® brand products and services.

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Symantec wanted to raise awareness of the need for mobile security to drive growth in their mobile division, and in response Connect Marketing suggested an experiement to generate media interest in the issue and strengthen Symantec's position as security leaders. We therefore proposed and developed the Symantec Honey Stick Project, to highlight the dangers posed by poorly secured smartphones.

  • The experiment consisted of specially configuring 50 smartphones to track user actions, and the inclusion of unsecured, dummy business data. The 50 phones were then placed in several busy metropolitan areas of North American cities, as though they were lost. Once the phones were in place, Symantec was able to track precisely what happened to the phones once they were found.
  • The results proved highly newsworthy. Symantec was able to determine that nearly all the smartphones were accessed once they were found. And, while most of the finders made attempts to access the corporate information (given obvious names such as HR Salaries or Remote Admin), only half of those who found the phones attempted to contact the owner to return the devices.
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