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There’s more to high-tech B2B marketing than just written content. Adding visual elements to improve the presentation of your materials provides several benefits. First, it draws attention to your company and increases the likelihood that potential clients will be willing to listen to the whole message. It also evokes an emotional response that helps you connect with your audience. It reinforces written ideas, and in some cases it can present information much more clearly than a written explanation.

The way you present information is vital for drawing interest, and there are several visual tools you should take advantage of in your marketing strategy:

  • Infographics are becoming increasingly valued for their effectiveness at simplifying complex ideas and clearly presenting data. They are also a great way to get attention, and B2B infographics allow your clients to see you as a thought leader in the industry.
  • Informational brochures are key to presenting your products and their advantages over the competition.
  • Data sheets concisely convey products and their specifications to help clients in the purchase process.
  • For business meetings and sales pitches, PowerPoint presentations are necessary visual aids to accompany spoken presentations.
  • Videos have become a staple of marketing in recent years. The right B2B video can spread virally and significantly increase your share of voice in the market.

Connect Studiossm specializes in business-to-business videos, infographics and PowerPoint presentations. We have the experience to give your campaign the visual elements it needs to stand out from the competition.

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Infographics can be an extremely effective method for communicating complex information in a simple, visually appealing manner. They provide an endlessly versatile medium for presenting data, and they offer opportunities for creative expression of informative ideas.

In recent years, infographics have garnered attention from media outlets for their ability to draw in readers. In print publications such as newspapers, static infographics appeal to readers who may not want to take the time to read an entire article. And interactive infographics allow users to explore multiple data sets and manipulate the visual to improve their understanding.

Connectsm specializes in creating eye-catching infographics that add another dimension to your marketing campaign, to further cement your reputation as a thought leader.


In addition to web-based marketing efforts such as press releases and blog posts, you will need printed materials such as brochures to provide your customers with product information. Concise and informational brochures allow you to put your best foot forward when meeting with customers or prospective clients. They are ideal reference tools to utilize when making presentations, and when you leave them with a prospect they serve as a lasting reminder of what your company has to offer.

Connectsm’s marketing team will utilize its creative expertise to design appealing brochures that show why your products are the best, and why your company deserves its place as an innovative industry leader. They serve as an ideal complement to our infographic development and writing services.

Data Sheets

As a high-tech business-to-business enterprise, you know that however persuasive sales materials may be, you need to back up your marketing with hard numbers. Technical professionals will want to take a close look at your technology as they consider purchasing your products.

At Connectsm, we take the time to understand your technology in order to present the most relevant, useful information to the media and the public. We prepare and design data sheets for you to use in your presentations, clearly showing the advantages your products have over the competition. Data sheets provide objective evidence that support your marketing campaign.

PowerPoint Presentations

Using PowerPoint presentations effectively gives you the ability to distill your most effective marketing points into a powerful presentation. Its flexibility makes it ideal for a sales tool, but creating an effective presentation requires more than just bullet points and clip art.

Connectsm has years of experience in crafting effective presentations that will show the media and prospective clients why your technology is ahead of the curve. We know what businesses are looking for, and we will highlight all the benefits you have to offer. Our writing expertise and design experience combine to make your presentation as impressive as your products themselves are.


It’s nearly impossible for a business today to succeed without an Internet presence, and posting online videos is one of the best ways to gain that presence. The most creative and effective videos gain millions of views. So how do you tap into this enormous resource of viewers?

The best online videos combine three elements. First, they are based on an interesting concept, because nobody will watch a boring video. Second, the production value contributes to your reputation — a polished video is more highly respected. And most importantly, your video needs to be marketed so people know to find it — there are far too many videos online to hope that people will stumble upon yours to boost sales.

Connectsm creates a wide variety of videos which can highlight your products, create a stronger company brand, or illustrate the satisfaction your customers have felt in working with you. And if you don’t know what kind of video you need, we’ll work with you to determine where your marketing needs a boost. We work with expert cinematographers and editors to create a final product that you will be proud of. And then we will go one step further, using our worldwide network of tech industry professionals to promote your video and get you more views.


The high-tech industry is just that: high tech. As such, explaining your product and its underlying technology to your customers can be a challenge. But simplifying this information is critical to your marketing strategy.

Connectsm works with some of the best animators in the business, who can illustrate how your technology works and why it is an ideal solution. These animations supplement your videos and reduce their necessary length — which is key in attracting viewers — by thorough, illustrated explanation of how your products work. They also add a level of professionalism that supplements your overall message. Professional animation from Connectsm can take your videos to the next level.


Written releases and articles go a long way toward establishing your industry presence, but you need to supplement written press with a variety of media in order to be seen as a true player in the industry. One great tool for broadening your appeal is the use of audio presentations such as podcasts.

Podcasts are a useful way to address industry issues while showing a human side of your company. They can be informative as well as entertaining. They offer listeners the option of listening on the go, and they are ideal for establishing your thought leadership in the industry.

At Connectsm we utilize professional voice talent and the latest production software to produce professional-quality audio presentations for our clients. We will work with you to develop a program that addresses topics of current concern that will gain you the most interest from customers and the media.


In the new media landscape, companies have more direct control over their interactions with the customer. Many tools are available to address different market segments, but what is most valuable is the opportunity to engage with customers directly. Tools such as blogs and videos allow you to distribute information to customers, but a comprehensive plan for engagement also requires one-on-one interaction on a large scale, in a manner that the company can direct. The key is to engage your customers in a way that is meaningful for them and also valuable to the company. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through microsites.

While social networks provide the opportunity for one-on-one interaction with your customers, a microsite allows you to focus this interaction on the material of your choice. For example, if you specialize in information management tools, you might design a microsite as a survey to find out how companies are currently managing their information. By allowing the customer to answer specific questions, they feel engaged with your company in a personal way. While blogs and videos allow for passive engagement and one-sided information distribution, microsites, especially surveys, allow the customers to feel that they are being heard.

Flash Animation

One of the great marketing advantages the Internet has over traditional media is the ability to implement dynamic content. By integrating content such as flash animation into your website, you create engagement with visitors, who are more likely to invest time in learning about your products.

Flash animation gives you the versatility to create surveys, microsites and videos on your website, adding visual variety that supplements and enhances your text. Connectsm has the capability to create content that will have your customers interacting with you in new ways.

Website Refreshes

Website design evolves nearly as quickly as technology itself. If your website is looking a little stale, you’re missing out on a prime marketing opportunity. Corporate websites are often the first point of contact for potential clients, and a poorly designed or uninformative site risks sending the wrong message. Your site needs to have the information your clients are looking for, and it needs to be easy to navigate.

As part of your overall marketing plan, Connectsm can help you redesign your company’s website and turn it into an informative, productive marketing tool. We will work with you to plan the overall structure, as well as the content and design of each page, to make it as accessible and informative as possible to clients and potential clients alike. We can also implement search engine optimization strategies to raise your visibility and improve your traffic.

Symantec recently conducted a worldwide survey of critical infrastructure companies to find out how prepared they were for cyberattacks that could threaten national security. In order to share the results and help other companies assess their preparedness, Connectsm and Symantec developed a microsite with a series of questions to assist IT professionals in gauging the strength of their company’s cyber security. Symantec can then reach out to individual companies and offer solutions based on individualized reports from the survey. This unprecedented level of engagement with your clients can access previously underutilized sources of revenue