Analyst Relations

Analysts are an important audience for any high-tech marketer. First, they directly influence markets through reports and consulting. Second, traditional media depend on analysts for both background validation as well as quotes for articles. It is therefore important to formally influence analysts as part of your public relations efforts.

At Connect we help clients manage this process with a formal analyst relations methodology.

  1. Identify key analysts. We work with hundreds of analysts in many market segments. The first step is to create a list of both the formal and traditional analysts that follow your market segment as well as informal consultants and blogger/analysts.
  2. Build rapport. We put you in front of these analysts in both formal as well as informal settings so that you can build rapport with them. By rapport we don't simply mean they like you (although that is important), but rather that they view you as a visionary in either a technology or a business sense (or both). If they see this vision they are more likely to believe in your company.
  3. Educate. We help you educate the analysts on your company, your solutions and your overall vision. Our goal is to get the analysts to believe in your approach. Step one is that they understand it.
  4. Nurture. Once these steps are complete we nurture the relationship by keeping them abreast of news, sharing market traction with them, and putting you in contact with them from time to time to build on the relationship.
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