B2B companies that blog 11+ times per month earn 3x more site traffic


Being social is simply engaging your communities online. One way to differentiate forms of social media is how the content is consumed. Blogging (and Microblogging - aka Twitter) engages your audience by providing them with information that reflects your viewpoint. Many companies use these tools to get their viewpoint seen by as many poeple as possible. However, they often forget to engage with other bloggers and influencers to make their viewpoints truly social.

Our Media Affinity Study shows that blogs are in the top five in terms of how IT professionals learn about new technology. It is crucial that high-tech vendors create and execute a powerful, consistent blogging program.


  • Create blog and Twitter content, either by brainstorming topics or even by writing the blog posts. CONNECT MARKETING®, CONNECT PUBLIC RELATIONS®, and CONNECTPR® brand services each include these services.
  • Manage the editorial process, calendar and posting
  • Identify influencers and bloggers with who we can outreach to get your posts read, linked to, shared and commented on
  • Provide analytics on who is reading your blog and Twitter posts and how that impacts your marketing efforts
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