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Whereas blogging is primarily focused on sharing your viewpoints, social networking is focused on conversations. It is a dialogue, not a monologue. Social networking takes place when like-minded individuals gather to exchange ideas on a particular topic.

For consumers, the best-known social networking platform is Facebook. Topics might include music, movies, celebrity gossip, and so on. As it turns out, Facebook is not very important for B2B high-tech marketers. In fact, our Media Affinity Study showed that while your customers probably do use Facebook, they are unlikely to be using it to conduct business.

The social networking tools that do matter for B2B IT management are forums and LinkedIn. Forums (such as the Corporate IT Forum) are very popular among IT professionals in terms of coming together to compare notes and get advice. More and more LinkedIn is being used as the Facebook for business.

Connect can help build an effective B2B social networking program. We can help identify the forums and LinkedIn groups that matter most for your company and help you be part of the conversation. Furthermore, we can help make your voice heard in these conversations.

Social networking is an important part of your social media mix. Let Connect help.

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