Conversion Optimization

Turning visitors into leads

Having a stellar website and great content that's discovered through search, social, events and influencers are all factors that generate interest in your business, but are your visitors converting to leads?

You can't just increase traffic to your website, you need to increase conversion. Connect Marketing works with you to create a conversion strategy that invites visitors to engage with your brand on their terms and stage in the purchase cycle. Your conversion strategy needs to span top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) down to more bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) calls to action (CTAs).

At TOFU you may offer a whitepaper download, guide, newsletter or blog subscription in exchange for a few contact details. The idea is that you're offering them something that is useful, educational and valuable. A more sales-ready lead will likely convert on a higher value offer, like a demo or trial, so you should ask for more details to better qualify your lead.

By providing visitors with multiple options to opt-in at their comfort level and stage, you gain their permission to stay in contact and build trust and preference over time. And that's what ultimately drives lead conversion rates up.

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