Lead Generation & Digital Marketing

Get more qualified leads, drive more revenue.

Maximize ROI with the right B2B digital marketing strategy

Guesswork in digital marketing is costly and misses revenue. At Connect, we never guess.

We start with strategy: understanding your goals, the business outcomes you expect to achieve and in what timeframe, what sets you apart from your competitors, and your target personas. Only then, do we jump in to building your lead gen and digital marketing programs.

This approach cuts through the noise and reaches your target audience to build brand awareness, generate demand, increase leads and create sales opportunities.

We mix a variety of digital tactics like optimized websites, SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) and paid social campaigns with email marketing, ABM and other lead generation initiatives. Executed strategically, these tactics combine to deliver the right message to targeted buyers at the right time in the sales cycle, ultimately driving revenue.

Why Choose Connect?

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We Know Your Space

We’ve focused on B2B technology for 31 years. We have strong experience with Enterprise Software, Infrastructure, Security, Storage, Cloud, SaaS and Network Monitoring.

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We provide a plan based on research and experience, but we remain agile and make recommendations and updates based on data, so you maximize your marketing budget.

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Lead-to-Revenue Focus

Clicks and form fills do not equal marketing success. You need closed deals. Our team sets the strategy to generate leads and progress them through the funnel all the way to revenue.


Audit what's working, what's not
Develop personas
Map buyer journeys
Set the strategy and goals
Fill content gaps
Serve the right content, right place, right time
Convert targets into leads
Nurture leads across the funnel
Send qualified leads to sales
Measure, iterate, refine

Connect's efforts are working great for us, it's hard to ignore the stats. We've grown 20x this year! Prior to working with Connect, I would beg prospects to get on the phone with me. Now, the number of inbound leads we're receiving is almost hard to stay on top of.

Dan BerlindCEO of Snappt

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Our Lead Gen and Digital Marketing Services

For the most impact, your B2B lead generation efforts should have a healthy mix of inbound and outbound strategies.

Your prospects are searching for you right now. At Connect, we focus your inbound marketing on getting found, telling your story with persuasive content, converting website visitors into leads, and sending them to your sales team when they are most ready to buy.

Our team has a proven approach to planning, building and scaling inbound programs that starts with strategy first – every time. With a solid strategy in place, we orchestrate every step of your inbound marketing program.

The result is more qualified leads, more sales opportunities and revenue growth.

Far too many B2B websites fail to drive results. Connect fixes this. Our growth-driven approach turns your website into a lead generation engine that grows with you.

Using analytics, personas, testing and constant iteration, we design and build websites that capture leads and nurture prospects along the buyer journey. From full website redesigns to tweaks that improve conversions, our web team delivers websites that look good and start generating leads right away.

We work with leading web technologies, including Wordpress, HubSpot CMS, Webflow and more to integrate the right solutions in your tech stack.

Your website needs to do more than look good; it needs to get found and convert visitors to leads. That's why you need a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that puts humans first, not bots.

Connect Marketing conducts an extensive SEO audit to determine the on-site and off-site strategies that will increase your brand's visibility and attract qualified leads. We help you identify:

  • Technical issues that need to be fixed to ensure your site speed and architecture work for you
  • Keywords to position your website content in front of the right people at the right stage of their purchase process
  • Off-page tactics to increase your online authority

We always think users first. We earn links because people value your content. We help search engines find your quality content so users get what they want.

People want information that helps them make the best possible purchase decision on their own terms.

Simply put, there is no inbound marketing without content. Through blogging, white papers, eBooks, videos, webinars, infographics, email content, social media and more, you get people to find, know, like and trust your brand.

But content marketing isn't easy. It takes time to create remarkable content. Your content needs to be consistent, relevant and valuable. That's where Connect Marketing can help.

With a deep understanding of your ideal customer profile, Connect tailors your content to attract prospects who are in search of the knowledge you have to share. We bring discipline with a clearly defined content plan to consistently create relevant content that your personas find useful and engaging.

How often does your sales team complain about “bad” leads from marketing? As a marketer, you need a way to spot the leads that are truly sales-ready and those that need to warm up.

Lead nurturing bridges this gap by creating an ongoing dialogue with qualified prospects, measuring their engagement and intent, and sending along those leads when they are ready for a sales conversation.

In B2B lead generation, you usually need 7 to 13 touchpoints before the lead takes a business action. Connect methodically nurtures your leads to get the most impact out of those touches.

Spray and pray marketing techniques waste a painful amount of digital marketing budget and fail to touch your most valuable prospects. Account-based marketing (ABM) is a better way for B2B companies to target the prospects most likely to result in sales.

By pairing digital marketing strategy with a precise target account approach, you reach your exact buyer with a highly personalized message. Connect works with your marketing and sales team to orchestrate ABM for maximum impact.

In a perfect world, every lead would come from inbound. But, you can’t always wait for prospects to find you.

Digital advertising allows you to get in front of prospects and grab their attention now. The key is to engage prospects across the customer journey while maximizing return of your paid spend. At Connect, we believe in testing first and scaling only what delivers results.

Our digital expertise includes:

  • SEM
  • Paid Social
  • Remarketing
  • Content Syndication
  • Direct Media Buying
  • Sponsored Content

Measure What Matters

Picking the right KPIs is key to measuring ROI. Every client is different, but here are some of the things Connect Marketing tracks to determine success of your lead gen and digital marketing spend.

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Measure What Matters

Picking the right KPIs is key to measuring ROI. Every client is different, but here are some of the things Connect Marketing tracks to determine success of your lead gen and digital marketing spend.

Site Traffic

Which sources drive site traffic and does that traffic bounce? Site traffic is a strong indicator of content performance.


How long are prospects on your website? Are they clicking on your emails? Engagement metrics measure the postntial of your marketing..

Lead Conversion

Are you driving qualified leads? How much does it cost to generate a new qualified lead? Leads are the most importnat indicator of marketing success.

Pipeline Progression

Do MQLs turn into SQLs? Which sources drive the most SQLs? Measuring pipeline progression helps to refine where to focus marketing resources.

Marketing-Driven Revenue

Which marketing activities generate sales? This KPI is essential to week out underperforming programs.

Marketing Automation Platforms We Work In

Get the most out of your marketing automation investment by combining the proper foundation and technical setup with a strategic direction. Our marketing automation expertise includes: