Lead Nuturing

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LEAD NUTURING AND EMAIL MARKETING                                                                   How often does your sales team compain about "bad" leads from marketing? It's true, not all leads are created equal. As marketers, you need a way to spot the leads that are sales-ready and those that need to warm up.

Lead nurturing bridges the gap between non-sales ready leads and sales-ready leads by continually providing relevant educational content. The goal of lead nurturing is to guide your prospects' thinking so that you build trust and preference long before they're ready to buy.



Strategy is central to Connect Marketing's approach to lead nurturing. We help you give the right content to the prospect at the righ time by:

  • Tailoring your campaigns by persona, buying stage and behavior
  • Partnering with your sales team to establish sound lead scoring
  • Working within your marketing automation software of choice to automate your workflows
  • Test and tweaking our lead nurturing campaigns because there is no set it and forget it

All in all, this means your sales team can spend more time doing what they do best - closing.

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