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Everyone wants to know how social media impacts the bottom line. The quickest way to find this path to revenue is through a social CRM program. Connect takes a three-point approach to social CRM: tracking and measurement, monitoring and classification, and taking accountable action.

First, Connect helps you set up the tools and processes needed to tie social media efforts to your current measurement systems - whether it be measuring the impact of social to site traffic or the impact social has on generating leads and supporting sales. By setting up the right measurement and integrating social media into your CRM database helps you keep social media programs focused, successful, and most importantly helps you keep track of what customers are saying about you online.

Next, Connect helps you set up the right monitoring solutions, terms and processes to identify conversations that impact your business. We help you set up a customized classification system that is quick, yet allows for mentions to be reviewed and categorized by a human. This helps you take strategic, meaningful action when your brand is mentioned on social media.

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