B2B Social Media Marketing

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Boost social followers, engagement and leads

There’s a lot of noise on social media and you shouldn’t be there just because.

For B2B brands, social media is especially complex when you’re dealing with what may seem like a “boring” product. Terms like “software,” “security” or “finance” might not get people fired up, but you can make your social presence more engaging.

The key is a conversational brand voice and a visual approach filled with micro videos, infosnacks, engaging questions/polls and provocative headlines.

Connect’s social experts know B2B — it’s apples and oranges versus consumer social. Rather than focusing on selling or entertaining, B2B companies use social as a top-of-funnel channel for creating brand awareness, educating audiences, and building credibility and trust.

Group 3


of B2B buyers look for information on social media

Group 4


Images increase user comment rate by 98%

Group 5-1


Leads from social advocacy convert 7x more often than other types

Why Choose Connect?

We Know Your Space

We’ve focused on B2B technology for 31 years. We have strong experience with Enterprise Software, Infrastructure, Security, Storage, Cloud, SaaS and Network Monitoring.


We provide a plan based on research and experience, but we remain agile and make recommendations and updates based on data, so you maximize your marketing budget.


We know the B2B social influencers that matter and how to engage with them to create lasting relationships with your thought leaders.

Catchpoint Case Study

“Connect Marketing understands our business. They understand me, and they understand Catchpoint's goals. They're able to achieve or exceed all of the targets identified at the beginning of the year. They're the best social media team I've ever worked with."

— Nik Koutsoukos, CMO of Catchpoint

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Our Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing for B2B technology companies, and ways of engaging with users in the space, is different from consumer brands.

It’s not enough to simply have social media accounts. They need to be utilized actively. That means highlighting industry news, promoting content and engaging with the right individuals. Our team specializes in handling B2B clients’ full social media presence, writing and scheduling posts at scale with minimal client time invested. It’s like having an engagement machine working on your behalf 24/7.

In a perfect world, every lead would come to you organically. But you can’t always wait for prospects to find you on social media.

Paid social allows you to get in front of prospects and grab their attention now. For B2B organizations, LinkedIn is ripe for prospecting with 46 million B2B decision makers using the channel and the ability to hyper-target your personas while maximizing return on your paid spend.

It’s getting harder and harder to earn clicks. This is where your employees come in as social advocates.

Content shared by employees receives twice the engagement as the same content shared by your company. What’s more, employees have 10x more first-degree connections than your company has followers. Enabling your employees to speak positively and publicly is the most authentic way to gain mass familiarity with your brand.

At Connect, we develop social advocacy programs that arm your employees to authentically advocate on behalf of your brand, and we measure impact every step of the way.

B2B influencer marketing is not about increasing promoters and decreasing detractors. It is to build relationships to create advocates.

An influencer program helps you interact with influential content creators — to build and strengthen relationships with them, creating trust, influencing their opinions and securing attention that positively affects the perceptions of others. Connect does this by monitoring ever piece of content an influencer puts out on social channels and their blogs. We then engage with influencers in communities where they are already active – such as through blog comments, sponsorships and in other key, visible social media sites.

Social Media Measurement

Measuring follower growth and engagement by volume of likes, comments, shares and clicks can be helpful and is a good starting point, but it does not give you all of the context that you need to make full decisions about your social strategy. Looking at a combination of metrics allows you to learn more about what levers to pull to meet your goals.