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In the past, businesses have had to work through gatekeepers such as editors at publications in order to disseminate information to their customers. These people would stand between businesses and clients and only publish what they considered newsworthy, thus exercising a great deal of control over the marketing for a company.

In the age of the Web 2.0 media, however, you are now able to push information out directly to your cients. This allows you unprecedented freedom in determining what you say and how you say it. It also means that it's now your responsibility to select the best of this social content to share with your customer.


Creating vidoes is one effective way to distribute direct content to clients and potential clients. The most well-known example is YouTube, which is now the second most used search engine in the world. When we post a YouTube video, we get it maximum exposure through blogs and links.


Other venues for distributing direct content include blogs and document and photo sharing services such as SlideShare, Scribd and Flickr. There are many methods; the challenge is understanding your options and determining what will work best for your company.

Connect has years of experience in helping you determine which of these tools will work best for you, and how to implement them. We will help you: 

  1. Determine what media outlet is most appropriate for your business goals
  2. Create the content
  3. Maximize exposure by promoting your content using our worldwide network
  4. Use predetermined metrics to judge the effectiveness of the material


Infographics offer a unique way to tell your story visually and interactively. Users are more engaged and more likely to click-thru to your website.

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