Stand out from the crowd with valuable thought-leadership.

Thought Leadership for B2B Companies

Surveys are one of the highest-performing marketing assets a company can produce.

Surveys can simultaneously raise a company’s awareness and provide valuable thought-leadership on areas the company wants to establish credibility in. They provide traditional media coverage and content for social media and can form the basis for lead-generation campaigns.

There Are Two Basic Types of Surveys

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Show-Floor Surveys

Show-floor surveys field an 8- to 12-question survey to prospects who come by a company’s booth at a specific tradeshow. This kind of survey must be short — 5 minutes or under — or prospects will resist.


Traditional Surveys

Traditional surveys have the advantage of being more statistically accurate because you can use a statistically randomized set of respondents. But traditional surveys take a long time to complete (up to 5 months) and can be more expensive as panel-based respondents cost as much as $65 per completed survey.

Here's Why Connect Is Different



We’ve created hundreds of surveys over the past 3 decades for clients of all sizes, including Symantec, Siemens and ServiceNow.

We’re Marketers First

We understand the statistics and know how to craft an accurate, reputable survey. But we’re not geeky statisticians in white lab coats. The surveys Connect Marketing designs are engineered to perform well as marketing assets. With 31 years pitching surveys, we know what works and what doesn’t.


We’re Cost-Effective

Partnering with analyst firms can be alluring. You get access to their followers. But this can be a massively expensive endeavor, marked by difficulties getting the survey designed to your specifications. With Connect Marketing, you get a survey crafted specifically to your needs, without the massive mark-ups common with large analyst firms.

Survey Examples

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Optimize Your Survey at Every Step

Crafting a successful survey is a long, complex process. Connect Marketing has deep experience and can help you master every step.

We were the only game in town that had this data. Anyone who is considering working with Connect, I would suggest you to start immediately. The results for us have been incredible.

Dan BerlindCEO of Snappt

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